Artigo científico sobre a origem da poeira sedimentada na Região da Grande Vitória foi publicado em periódico internacional de elevado fator de impacto

O artigo sobre a origem da poeira sedimentada foi publicado na revista Environmental Science and Pollution Research com fator de impacto de 2,74. O artigo reporta os resultados encontrados no estudo realizado em 2011.  O objetivo geral deste trabalho foi a caracterização das partículas sedimentadas na RGV, incluindo sua quantificação, análises de composição química e as fontes responsáveis. Segue abaixo o abstract do artigo:

Several works have shown that settleable particulate matter (SPM), in particular particles with diameters greater than 10 µm, are responsible for the most significant fraction of deposition fluxes. This pollutant is particularly relevant in developing countries, where industrial facilities are located within the urban sprawl. The Metropolitan Region of Vitoria in Brazil possesses a major SPM problem, with frequent populace complaints and newspaper articles. Since industrial sources were suspected to play a big role as culprits, a full 2-year monitoring campaign was carried out in collaboration with the local environmental agency (IEMA) to determine the effective deposition rate and particulates source apportionment. Receptor models are used to determine source apportionment of ambient levels of fine and coarse particles in a specific location, however there are few that focus on total SPM and larger size particles. To carry out this work, eight different locations were monitored for SPM deposition rates and dust fall was collected for chemical analysis. Source profiles were defined either by using US EPA SPECIATE data or by sampling and chemical analysis. The latter approach was used when local sources were too specific, such as the industrial mining complex. Monitoring stations located at the city centre show SPM associated with anthropogenic sources such as traffic related emissions or civil construction. Quarries and soil were considered more expressive sources at the city periphery. Results showed that only certain locations of Vitoria present SPM with a high Fe content, a clear indication of steel and pellet industries. 

O artigo completo intitulado Source apportionment of settleable particles in an impacted urban and industrialized region in Brazil pode ser acessado no link:

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